8 Nonfiction Titles!

Creating Space: The Case for Everyday Creativity
Ed Cyzewski
5 stars
Creativity is a gift everyone has been given to share, but doubt, discouragement, and distractions hinder the ability of many to pursue their creative passions. Creating Space advocates for the creative gifts in every person, arguing that…
- Creativity is not a mistake.
- Creativity can be developed.
- Creativity is a vitally important gift for others.
This brief manifesto on creativity is for everyone. Whether you doodle, sing in the shower, knit scarves, or scribble poems, Creating Space will encourage you to make space in your life in order to fulfill your creative calling, using your gifts to their fullest extent.

Deciding To Dance
Alycia Neighbours
5 star memoir
After 12 years of marriage and trying so hard to make a failing marriage work, Alycia Neighbours found herself going from the office of a lawyer to the office of a funeral home. With three small children and herself left behind in a whirlwind of events, Alycia talks with a transparency of hurt, forgiveness and grace as she attempts to find a way to live again within the loss. A powerful, vivid and raw story into the life of a silenced survivor, “Deciding To Dance” is an emotional journey that leads you to a dance floor and encourages those who are suffering to learn to dance again in life.

All Of The Ways To Hell
Monica Beaky
5 star memoir
Insightful, moving, and painfully honest- All of the Ways to Hell is an intensely personal account of the author’s every day struggle to find meaning and purpose in a life she no longer recognizes. Her bittersweet and sometimes hilarious observations cut to the core of life, and her straight-forward, take-no-prisoners style is as real as it gets.

A Mile in Their Shoes: Conversations With Veterans of World War II
Aaron Elson
4+ stars
Aaron Elson has been recording the stories of World War 2 veterans for more than 20 years. In this collection he presents a dozen compelling interviews. They include a conversation with five 101st Airborne Division veterans of the siege of Bastogne, a 90th Infantry Division Medal of Honor recipient, two 82nd Airborne veterans of D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge, a survivor of the pre-D-Day disaster at Slapton Sands, and a father who was in World War II and his son who served in Vietnam.

It’s A Breeze: 42 Lively English Lessons on American Idioms
Toni Aberson
New release reference
As you know, learning English is often the key to a better life today. These lessons will help you use more colorful English in your life. These lessons will also help you gain a better understanding of the English you hear around you and on television, learn more about American culture, and speak more like an American. Idiom by idiom, you will find speaking English less difficult and more fun. You might even find speaking English “a breeze”.

Step-by-step Art Deco Dove in Paper Sculpture (Step-by-step Paper Sculpture)
Clive Stevens
New release
This book is a complete step-by-step project in Paper Sculpture where you will create a beautiful Art Deco style Dove. You will learn scoring and shaping and assembling which are the three essential techniques to master in paper sculpture. Once you have completed this project you will be able to confidently create your own images in this fascinating and inexpensive medium.

Mind Maps: Quicker Notes, Better Memory, and Improved Learning 2.0
Michael Taylor
4+ stars
Mind Mapping is a note taking system which allows you to take better, faster, and more efficient notes. In conventional note-taking, you write down information line by line. With Mind Maps, you organize the information more in the form of a diagram, starting with a central key idea drawn in the center of the paper. In addition to enhancing your note taking skills, Mind Maps help you improve your studying, writing, presenting, brainstorming, and creative skills. It is one of the best note taking skills anyone can learn.

BackWords: A backwards word list for gamers
Cherie K. Miller
4 star reference
Ever play a word game and need to find a word that ends in Q, W or Z? Most dictionaries present the word lists in alphabetical order, sorted by the first letter of a word. BackWords is unique because you can easily search words using the last letter. It’s useful for school libraries and handy for building vocabularies or for playing word games and completing crossword puzzles. It’s a great gift-giving idea for those word gamers you love. If you like word games, writing songs, or creating poetry, you just might love BackWords.